Read This First - The history of RAVENOUS in AOC

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Read This First - The history of RAVENOUS in AOC

Post  HappyKillmore on Sat Nov 29, 2008 6:36 pm

For those of you who don't know, here is the Ravenous story in regards to AOC:

Prior to the game's release, a group of DAOC players got together and started RAVENOUS. It was a large and very active community of guildies that had every intention, and the numbers, to be a power-guild in AOC. We were well on our way to do just that when everything crashed and burned. After a month or so, (once the ubers made lvl 80) many got bored due to the lack of end-game content. This was mainly due to Funcom's updates taking much longer than first promised. Soon the forums were full of people trashing Funcom and talking about how they were going to move on to War - another game with the same, if not more, issues. Soon, most guildies had left the game completely and the rest moved on to other guilds that were still hanging on. Being probably the only first time MMO'er in the guild, it took me a little longer to level up than the rest. I also rolled multiple toons at once in order to see which class might best suit someone who normally played FPS games. By the time that I had a lvl 80 toon, Funcom had changed management and they started to live up to their earlier promises. So far they have released many updates adding PVP bonuses, adding more bosses, fixing the memory leak issues, tweaking the graphics, adding new zones, etc. The list goes on.
Now, I am trying to revive the guild and bring it back to its old glory. I have a head start in that I have inherited a Tier III keep, but I have a long way to go. Please join me in my quest to rebuild RAVENOUS into a power-guild once again so that we can one day burn down the Ascendant battle keep and rule over Hyboria...LOL!!

Please excuse a lot of the old posts in the forums. I am slowly going through them as I have time and removing / updating anything that may be irrevelant or completely out of date. I am trying not to delete posts, but just move them to the "Archive" section so that everyone can keep their post counts. grin

Thank You,
Happy Killmore


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